Building Generator Script For 3ds Max

Building Generator Script For 3ds Max

Installation and run :

In 3DS max go to Script \ Run Script and run building_generator_install.mzp

This  will install all necessary files.  

Then you need to add icon to tool panel. Go to Customize / Customize User Interface. In Category  go to Building Utils, then just drag and drop Building generator to your toolbar. 

Custom icon
next just assign icon to your new button. You can do this by clicking on button by RMB / Edit Button Apperance / Image Button.
You will find building icon under group BuildingIco (or You can choose any icon you wish) 

For Uninstall : 
simply delete directory “building_generator” “c:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2022 – 64bit\ENU\usermacros\building_generator”

Curent state:

Currently script is in beta stage and it`s free to use. As i don`t have use of script for myself, i can adjust some functionality regarding feedback from users, if there will be any. As i work on script only myself i would really appreciate some feedback.


Script is easy to use. No technical artist needed

very fast prototyping – create building in few minutes (in case source prefabs are prepared)

Easy to use GUI, no nodes. Just buttons and thumbnails. basic philosophy of tool – “Work with prefabs like with polygons.” No complicated nodes, no tech-artist skills needed.

script is non destructive – it not touches source prefab geometry. ( What script is only does is moving / rotating / mirroring asset and adding slice modifier on corners )

No saving required – just use standard 3dsmax save/ load, you can always continue edit project (in case you will use script proper way ).

Not only for buildings – tool is convenient for any assets with lot of repetitive parts. For example bridge construction, railings, interior walls etc..


  1. Support multiple buildings /blocks.
  2. shape of asset can be defined by box volume or by spline shape
  3. Working with prefabs (user prepared geometry) that are referenced (instanced) from source prefab. That means basic prefabs can be simple geometry, which can be updated to final mesh anytime..
  4. Walls editing -(loop selection of rows and columns, quick replace or extrude of source prefabs, add /remove floor, random selection, step selection, mirror (symmetrical) selection
  5. Roof creation – scatter random objects (for example chimneys, antennas) on top of asset
  6. Building hierarchy – walls or populated object have visual parent nodes, so whole walls or populated objects that belong to wall can be easily selected.
  7. Tool supports both interiors and exteriors. (possible can be use for building game levels, although currently is not main focus of tool)
  8. “populate function ” – Additional object can be scattered above walls , and additionally aligned (can be used for example for air conditioning, flower pots etc ). Selection loops should work on populated object too. Multiple “layers” of scattered objects supported..
  9. Basic graybox presets/source files are attached (Building, Interior, Castle, Sci-fi building). This presets are not meant for final use and are only as example.. Its also in graybox state, so it don`t have mapping! main intention of plugin is that users will build their own presets (but can be possibly shared through some platform)

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